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Five year old Terrinee Gundy decided that she would steer clear of a life of excuses as she was hellbent on being nobody’s victim. In The Daughter Of A Junkie: A True Love Story, Terrinee is shrill and transparent regarding all of the unpredictable dangers she finessed with a Junkie for a daddy. As a memoir romanticizing the unparalleled moments of her family’s struggles, Terrinee is unapologetic about her family’s ghetto love story. Despite her daddy’s drug addiction to crack cocaine for over forty years, Terrinee was relentless to defy the odds of a chaotic, dysfunctional environment flooded with drugs, poverty, racism, the police, and an ineffable amount of calamity.

The Daughter Of A Junkie: A True Love Story narrates a first-hand account of an extraordinary young girl who escaped the ghetto trappings and trickery of the underserved and impoverished communities in which she lived. With sheer determination, Terrinee realized her childhood dream of becoming a lawyer and a judge. She takes you through the slums of the Deep South with near death, appalling experiences that started in kindergarten and continued to “The Promise Land” on the college campus of Clark Atlanta University. Like the fictional tales of “Dope Fiend” by Donald Goins, her story is entertaining, thrilling yet factual, as well as, veracious through the lens of a highly educated Junkie’s daughter. Inspiring to anyone who is faced with non-stop, everlasting challenges related to drug addiction and beyond, Terrinee epitomizes the power of a determined woman who focuses on things that she can control versus things that could otherwise control her.

Terrinee Gundy is a mom, a sister, an aunt, a friend, a lawyer and a judge; but foremost, always and proudly “The Daughter Of A Junkie”.

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About The Author


Terrinee Gundy is a mommy of two amazing children, a sister, an aunt, a friend, a lawyer, a judge and the daughter of a Junkie. Terrinee was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida where her daddy’s drug addition to crack cocaine wrecked her family and home life, then she spent challenging years in South Georgia. Despite an early life of constant chaos and dysfunction, Terrinee excelled academically, and ultimately reached her dreams of becoming a family first-time college graduate from Clark Atlanta University, as well as, from the University of Georgia School of Law. The Daughter Of A Junkie: A True Love Story gives a front row seat of Terrinee’s account of navigating through traumatic land mines while growing up in the ghetto that is intertwined with endless love stories. The Daughter Of A Junkie: A True Love Story is Terrinee’s first book. Terrinee resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her daughter, MiaMichelle, and son, Kevin.

Upon graduation from law school, Terrinee worked as a state and local tax associate for KPMG and Cox Communications, Inc., respectively. In 2012, she was appointed to the bench of the Magistrate Court of Fulton County in Atlanta, Georgia. As a Magistrate Judge, she participated in several programs related to educating the youth and public about the judicial system. Terrinee served as an adjunct professor for John Marshall Law School,

teaching “Accounting for Lawyers” and “Law Firm Management.” Integrally involved in the community, Terrinee has served and partnered with The Andrew Young Foundation, The King Center, Woodruff Arts Center, Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta, National Black Arts Festival, 100 Black Men of Atlanta, and Year Up Atlanta. first and only female mentor for Judge J. Antonio DelCampo’s Male Intervention Program in DeKalb County, which focused on preventing recidivism by criminal offenders from 18-24 years of age, as well as, a Guardian Ad Litem for children in the Truancy Invention Program. She works closely with the Atlanta Workforce Development Agency intern program, assisting college students with their career paths. She also speaks frequently on various panels and programs geared towards young people and rising professionals. Also, she is a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

In 2013, she was appointed to the bench of the Municipal Court of Atlanta, where she presently presides over the DUI Division. Terrinee previously authored a column in Atlanta Tribune known as “Meet the Judge.” With that, she aimed to recognize and humanize the judges featured by sharing more interesting facts and personal attributes. She was also the editor of The Municipal Quarterly, a newsletter she put out with her staff to highlight more current events, efforts by other legal professionals to serve the community, and the advancement in customer service initiatives at the court. Terrinee remains committed to serving her family and the public far beyond the courtroom.


Audio Book Scored with Original Soundtrack 

Written and Narrated by Terrinee Gundy

Featured Appearances by Lil Duval, Mayor Kasim Reed and Mia Gundy

Scored by Balewa Muhammed, Burchel Anthony Villiersis and Terrinee Gundy

Engineered and Mixed by Kevin Briggs Jr at Sonic Hotel Studios

Original Soundtrack performed by Iman Ramadan featuring Lil Duval, Medina Islam, Terrinee Gundy, Mia Michelle Briggs and Taiyo Obafemi produced by DJ Toomp, Anthony Bell & Benjamin Garrett written by Balewa Muhammad, Iman Ramadan, Terrinee Gundy, Tanesha Blacks & Tenille Lamar engineered and mixed by Kevin Briggs Jr, Bobsled Jimmy at Sonic Hotel Studios, Digihouse Studio, Disturbing The Peace and Parhellion

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Today is a very terrific day for me. I have been looking forward to reading The Daughter Of A Junkie: A True Love Story for sometime. When Terrinee Lynette Gundy decided to tell her story, and began the incredible journey of writing a book that is as intimate, as it is compellin g, I was allowed to read the first few chapters. Those first seventy or so pages were breathtaking. There was so much more to this person than I had ever imagined. After reading those first few chapters, the store was closed and I could not read it again until it was complete. Folks, let me tell you without reservation; this book was worth the wait. At its essence, this is a story which demonstrates what can happen when you dream and work, but always work harder than you dream. It shows the power of Terrinee’s dream of becoming a judge at age nine and helping people who looked like her, and many who do not, and served as her north star.

M. Kasim Reed Foreword

Her dream kept her from making “The Big Mistake” as is so often the case in America’s underserved communities. It showed how a dream can protect you from harm and help you develop the grit it takes to come from the ground to the center of Atlanta’s loftiest places.

What can a dream do when it is paired with grit, a brilliant mind and a fearless spirit? I will tell you, it can accomplish the hardest things, and it can make your dreams come true. That is the center of this story. It is a leadership story for all people, but especially for Black women in America. It will help you answer that most difficult question that we all must face alone. What do we do when we don’t know what to do? That is when your character is revealed. Well, now you have a friend, a guide for moments like that, from a woman whose life has been an example of profound womanhood, deep sacrifice and ultimately, joy. I hope you will enjoy taking this journey as much as I have appreciated witnessing part of it. 



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